‘Every woman has the right to be very happy!’ –

Marion van Dam

5 Days of gratitude

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We are often tricked to believe that we need money, things, people or better circomstances to be happy. But that is a misunderstanding.


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Beat the Winter blues

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10 tips to beat SAD (Winterblues)

In Fall and Winter, many people (mostly women) suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder. Depression caused by the change of seasons. To prevent the Winterblues I created a list with 10 tips that will help you prevent SAD and live happily ever after also during Fall and Winter. Subscribe to receive the 10 tips!

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Exactly 1 year ago, I finished the manusript for my best selling book ‘Happily Ever After, the MAGIC formula for turning your divorce into the best thing that ever happened to you’.

In order to help people even better to turn their lives around into their own Happily Ever After, I have created an online training. Are you ready to live your Happily Ever After?

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Happiness Retreat in Sicily

September 5-8, 2019

Abundance is the one word that describes this happiness retreat best. Sicily is where the Gods went to party!

My happiness teachings will help you raise your vibration. This way you’ll learn how to tap into the right vibe and attract more abundance, love and happiness in your life. Are you ready to harvest your dreams? 

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Happy after divorce!

If you are going through a separation or divorce, you probably wish you had a magic wand to make it all go away: the sadness, anger, frustration, hurt, grief, sense of failure, shame and the bitterness of losing love you believed would last a lifetime.

In my book ‘Happily Ever After, The MAGIC formula for turning your divorce into the best thing that ever happened to you’, I share my deeply personal and painful experiences, having gone through a contentious divorce myself. Since then I have created a life filled with HAPPINESS. I do not have a magic wand, but I DO have the MAGIC formula to help you transform your life into the happiest ever!

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